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For that reason Mushfiqur unburdened

Mushfiqur Rahim has not been a regular wicketkeeping since his November tour of India. However, it was not easy for him to decide to keep away the kipping gloves. He has yet to withdraw from wicketkeeping in honour of the party’s decision.

Is Mushfiqur upset that he didn’t do the job? There was little debate about his not being wicket-keeping. Most of the time, he didn’t want to miss the kipping gloves. He was forced to leave the team management decision at times, but his pride was not too much.

Mushfiqur has always said that he is wicketkeeping for the benefit of batting. You get a good idea of the attitude of the wicket, the speed of the ball, or the back of the wicket. His record as a recognised wicket keeper is comparatively better than the batsman. 37.0 average runs in 55 Tests are 3515. He has won six of the 7 ths as keeper. Two double-digit matches are also in the same role. The statistics are bright as the wicket keeper has played for most of his career. He has played only 15 Tests as a batsman. 35.92 Runs at 898. He won the first match of the tournament yesterday after he played only as a batsman. He also re-formed it in the dub.

It was difficult for Mushfiqur to decide to play as a batsman except for the wicketkeeping he loved so much. Yet, the 32-year-old batsman said at a press conference yesterday, “I still feel that being behind the wicket helps me a lot. Now I have to get information. Lytton has to know what’s going on at the slip. I’m getting older. If you’re fielding, I can be a little more careful. You can say that it may reflect my batting. But I still miss the kipping. I respect what the team has decided. ‘

Not keeping a kipping has helped Mushfiqur. Now he can concentrate more on batting. In this context, he also made a joke about the test,’ said The highest scorer in Bangladesh at the moment, “Now the pressure is on. There were two roles before. One bad would have helped at least another. Now there’s only one side. I can’t even bowl! The reality must be accepted. I think it’s my right time to focus on the other side. I can be a little bit more careful while fielding. It’s more about batting. Well going, I hope I can hold it. ‘

If The batsman is seen to be batting without wicketkeeping, the cricketing people will say, “Don’t go like this!”

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